About company

Tompex and Agropex invite you to cooperate!


We started our trading business in 1994. Since then, we have been operating on this market under the name of Tompex. Throughout our activities we develop our offer and increase the standards of work to meet the needs of our customers.

Our company is located in central of Poland, where the collection of vegetables and fruitsis very rich. Our main goal is to buy and sell fruits and vegetables. We buy seasonal products, what has a big impact on the freshness and quality of the goods we offer. In addition, we have our own storage rooms and freezers with capacity of 800 tons, often used by other entrepreneurs and farmers to maintain constant freshness of products.
We also have a 50 hectare farm. We are producers of blackcurrant, redcurrant, aroni, berries and apples.


In 2005, based on our development, we expanded our business to create another company called Agropex. With the right approach, our company gains new markets and new customers, not only in Poland but also abroad.

For years we have been cooperating directly with farmers and larger or smaller processing plants, producer groups and entrepreneurs, so we can offer the highest quality products. We do our best to meet the ever-changing requirements of the processing industry. We focus on excellent quality, hygiene and freshness of purchased products.